Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Exceeding Favorite Favorites

Exceeding aside, I find many movies that I consider my favorite, spanning many genre, but I consider a few that stand out quite well.

The Phantom of the Opera
Genre - Musical
Release Year - 2004
Director - Joel Schumaucher
Producer - Andrew Lloyd Webber
Studio - Warner Brothers Studio
Principal Actors - Gerald Butler, Emmy Rossum.

The reason why this film easily fits into the genre of Musical is that there are many scenes of purely singing, even scenes where singing would seem out of place in reality, there is singing. There is even plays within this movie, albeit only short parts of plays are shown, not the entire one. The purpose of why this is my favorite movie is that I view the phantom somehow in a way like me, like a man who is intelligent but is shunned by the world due to his true appearance, the reason why he wears a mask. But also I enjoy how the phantom in the end no longer wears his mask, shattering the mirrors of his underground lair, showing how he no longer cares how the world views him anymore.

Moulin Rouge!
Genre - Musical
Release Year - 2001
Director - Baz Luhramann
Producer - Baz Luhramann, Craig Pearce
Studio - 20th Century Fox
Principal Actors - Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman, John Leguizamo, Jim Broadbent, Richard Roxburgh

The Moulin Rouge, if you have seen it, is easily considered a musical. The amount of singing of music, especially music from modern times, is amazing. There are even some songs that contain parts of many songs, like the Elephant Love Medley. I love how the music is very helpful in foreshadowing and moving the story along, with songs like Nature Boy easily giving a brief overview of the main character. I easily enjoy this movie, but I also enjoy it for it tells the story of a love that although is tempted to be broken apart by jealousy, manages to stay together. What I consider it in my way, that nothing can stop something if you want it so much.

However, although I enjoy musicals, that doesn't mean that all my favorite movies are musicals.


Genre - Drama
Release Year - 1995
Director - Oliver Parker
Producer - David Barron
Studio Company - Columbia Pictures, Castle Rock Entertainment
Principal Actors - Laurence Fishburne, Kenneth Branagh

Othello is a drama for it focuses on the rise and fall of the character's title character, Othello. It is based on the play by Shakespeare, so it also has that for the good purpose of why it is a Drama, the Drama of a person's life as he rises and falls and with the woman he loves seemingly, although falsely, betray him, until his death, in tragic ways. I personally love this story, especially the main villain, Iago, with his constant cleverness always plotting the eventually downfall of Othello, while maintaining the false sense of friendship between Othello and Iago. How can I relate to it, it is not easy, but I relate to it as how at times I feel trapped by so much information that it can be difficult to tell what is true and frustrating, gladly I haven't killed anyone.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Blog Post of Christopher R. Sejalbo!

Hello, and welcome to my Blog site, the Blog site that shall house and hold my ideas and thoughts for my IB Film Studies Class! THE CLASS I SAY THAT IS GLORIOUSLY GREAT FOR I LEARN AND INCREASE MY KNOWLEDGE OF ALL THINGS KNOWLEDGEABLE IN THE WAYS OF MEDIA PRODUCTION AND FILM STUDIES! In James Campbell High School, I am currently a Junior and an IB Candidate, which is One that is taking all of their main courses as IB. I find myself as a person fully capable of doing their work, and is willing to learn what I must to succeed in this world. I would like to hold a good Grade Point average of 4.0+ and I would be completely shocked if I were to get a B in a class, but if I were to get a B, that would make me understand that I must try harder, and try harder until I remedy this problem and fix it with with an A. After I have completed High School, I would wish to go on to Higher Learner and go to a College or University which would help me expand my Knowledge in either of Media Production or Media Art. The Job that I wish to hold would be that of a Video Game Designer, but, I would also like to be someone who would create Videos and Sideshows for a living as well.

I enjoy a good variety of movies, but I personally prefer musicals, especially ones like Phantom of the Opera, and the Moulin Rouge! Of course, that doesn't mean that I would wish to only watch those movies, I enjoy others as well, like Action, that includes the Last Samurai, and others, like 300, despite its many historical inaccuracies. That is something else I wish to see of movies that deal with history, those movies on how they depict history, but I especially disliked Pearl Harbor, it was more of a Love Story than a movie about Pearl Harbor. Of course, I also do many things, I draw, I write, and I as well Play Video Games, apparently for my spare time.

I thank you for having the time to read my first blog post and I do wish that we shall have a wondrous two years together, fellow IB Film Study students.